Abhishek Singh
Carlsbad, CA

Musings 02 - Disco Elysium

Where do I even begin? I try to avoid RPGs. They consume too much of my time and I hate abandoning things partway through. But ever so often, I dive deep into one and spend unhealthy amounts of time exploring every nook and cranny of the world presented before me.

Musings 01 - Eliza

I realized that I hadn't touched my blog in years, so here's an attempt to (temporarily) fix it. As a kid, I would often be left with this empty feeling as I turned the final page of a book that had kept me engrossed for hours. Soon after, my mind

Log entry 7: Boring to Brilliant

Over the fall semester, I will be working with Anki's Cozmo robot! Our ETC project team will be creating games for the robot using a Python based SDK that Anki has developed. Thus, I had to refresh my knowledge of Python as my last interaction with the language was writing

Log entry 6: Leveling Up!

Student becomes master (briefly) Over the summer, I got the opportunity to be an instructor for CMU's pre-college program: National High School Game Academy (NHSGA). This BVW style program required us to impart game development knowledge to high school students over six weeks. After the initial couple of weeks of

Log entry GD7: Story Citadel

Getting bogged down in the Story Swamp! The fourth assignment of our Game Design class asked us to create a role playing adventure and three player characters. This was especially challenging as I had never participated in such an experience before. We were given three weeks to design our story,