Log entry 7: Boring to Brilliant

Over the fall semester, I will be working with Anki's Cozmo robot! Our ETC project team will be creating games for the robot using a Python based SDK that Anki has developed. Thus, I had to refresh my knowledge of Python as my last interaction with the language was writing an auto-clicker script for my Runescape character.

After investigating a few threads on reddit, the consensus was to use Automate the Boring Stuff written by Al Sweigart. All of the praise was justified as he teaches you the functionality and extensibility of Python using extremely practical examples. Based on his samples and homework exercises I was able to write 65 scripts that performed useful functions related to regex, files, messaging, web scraping and scheduling. The scripts can be found on my GitHub repo.

For anyone wishing to learn Python, whether you have a technical background or not, automate the boring stuff is an excellent, beginner friendly resource! I have been recommending it wholeheartedly ever since I finished going through it. Al also has a resource on making games with Python which might be more interesting to others and I will probably go through it at some point in the future.