Log entry 1: Reboot

Hey there! Welcome to my blog! Here, I will document my journey as I pursue my dream of becoming a successful game developer.

A brief intro - I have been passionate about games ever since my first encounter with a PC at the age of seven. I don't remember its specifications but I do remember each and every hour I spent playing 'Paratrooper' on it. I kept RJ11 cables hidden from my parents to play games on dial-up at night. I battled against closed ports on campus and played MOBAs on 700+ ping to justify putting that effort in. I quit a safe job of three years in the IT industry to pursue my dream of creating immersive virtual experiences. That’s why I’m currently at the Entertainment Technology Center to create memorable experiences for others.

Making the career switch was a difficult decision, but a well thought out one. Whether it was the right decision or not, I do not know, but I'm enjoying every moment of it! Over the next few posts, I will share some of these moments which stood out for me. Enjoy the ride!