Log entry GD3: Mines of Memory

Diving into the depths of my brain!

The second assignment as part of the Game Design class wanted us to think hard about games that we have played in our life. These games could be anything - physical, playground, party or on a device. We had to come up with 100 games we had played with at least three games from every 5 year period in our life.

I tried hard to avoid using too many video games as they can fill up a list of 100 easily by themselves. I emphasized on remembering the games from my childhood more than the recent years. My memory might be a bit vague when it comes to these games but I have tried to put down the reason for their appeal. Hopefully, I'll keep updating this list with more details as and when I remember them. Meanwhile, it's provided below for you to browse:

Title picture credit: Ken Orvidas