Log entry 4: BVW Round 3

Lightning Round !! The third round was the 'Lightning' round. A super quick round where we were allowed only one week to come up with a game idea and implement it. Having a one week cycle changed a lot of things. There was lesser time to deliberate on ideas and mechanics.

Log entry 3: BVW Round 2

A test of naivety! The second round was the 'Naive Guest' round. The rules were very straightforward: A member from the audience who hasn't interacted with the world at any point will play through the experience. We cannot provide any explicit instructions both inside and outside the game / world. After

Log entry 2: BVW Round 1

Where it all began! The first round was our foray into the world of Building Virtual Worlds as a team. In this post, I'll try to talk about our experience behind designing the world. Our world had a central theme of 'Helping'. The constraint was defined as: The guest helps