Log entry 7: Boring to Brilliant

Over the fall semester, I will be working with Anki's Cozmo robot! Our ETC project team will be creating games for the robot using a Python based SDK that Anki has developed. Thus, I had to refresh my knowledge of Python as my last interaction with the language was writing

Log entry 6: Leveling Up!

Student becomes master (briefly) Over the summer, I got the opportunity to be an instructor for CMU's pre-college program: National High School Game Academy (NHSGA). This BVW style program required us to impart game development knowledge to high school students over six weeks. After the initial couple of weeks of

Log entry GD7: Story Citadel

Getting bogged down in the Story Swamp! The fourth assignment of our Game Design class asked us to create a role playing adventure and three player characters. This was especially challenging as I had never participated in such an experience before. We were given three weeks to design our story,

Log entry GD2: Hopscotch Hamlet

Hopscotch revisited! As part of my game design class at the ETC, our first assignment was to critically evaluate the game of hopscotch. We were asked to evaluate it's strong points and also list down some of the flaws it had. Then, we had to brainstorm at least 50 different

Log entry 4: BVW Round 3

Lightning Round !! The third round was the 'Lightning' round. A super quick round where we were allowed only one week to come up with a game idea and implement it. Having a one week cycle changed a lot of things. There was lesser time to deliberate on ideas and mechanics.

Log entry 3: BVW Round 2

A test of naivety! The second round was the 'Naive Guest' round. The rules were very straightforward: A member from the audience who hasn't interacted with the world at any point will play through the experience. We cannot provide any explicit instructions both inside and outside the game / world. After

Log entry 2: BVW Round 1

Where it all began! The first round was our foray into the world of Building Virtual Worlds as a team. In this post, I'll try to talk about our experience behind designing the world. Our world had a central theme of 'Helping'. The constraint was defined as: The guest helps