Game Design

Log entry GD7: Story Citadel

Getting bogged down in the Story Swamp! The fourth assignment of our Game Design class asked us to create a role playing adventure and three player characters. This was especially challenging as I had never participated in such an experience before. We were given three weeks to design our story,

Log entry GD5: Dice Canyon

Get lucky! The third assignment of our Game Design class involved dice and we were expected to create utilizing them as the main component. I tried to avoid extra accessories, cards or a board for the longest time while designing my game. However, without any other visual cues it was

Log entry GD4: Two is company?

A look at some non-traditional companions Aah, companions! What a wonderful addition to a game experience right? Having someone to talk to, someone to share your experience with and maybe help you out in a sticky situation. On the surface it seems like a great idea, but more often than

Log entry GD2: Hopscotch Hamlet

Hopscotch revisited! As part of my game design class at the ETC, our first assignment was to critically evaluate the game of hopscotch. We were asked to evaluate it's strong points and also list down some of the flaws it had. Then, we had to brainstorm at least 50 different